Android 4 2 2 widgets not updating

By defragmenting an SD card, you can decrease its lifespan.

When you clear apps from RAM, Android is just going to load them into RAM again the next time it needs to access those apps (for notifications, updates, and other background details).

This can be a big drain on battery life — and you aren’t getting anything useful in return!

If you’re using a task killer, it’s likely the case that you just aren’t happy about your device’s performance.

In fact, Android purposely tries to keep apps loaded into RAM for better performance. On mobile devices, every bit of speed is critical for a good user experience, so keeping apps in RAM is actually a good thing.Use a toggle widget Ask any Android enthusiast about why they love the operating system and they’re likely to reply “Widgets!” These homescreen mini-apps can display all sorts of information.They also allow users quick access to core like installing a different distribution of Linux: some ROMs are faster and less battery intensive, which is great for weaker devices.

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