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Affliggere to afflict; alilig go, -gi ; afflissi, afflitto.

Affienire to he like hay, Affievolire to weaken ; like Finire. Affiochire to make hoarse, Affittire to thicken ; like Finire. Affràngere to break; affran-go, -gi; affransi, affranto. Aggiùngere to add ; aggiungo, -gi ; aggiunsi, aggiunto.

Regular (or weak) verbs, whether in -ère or -ere, e.g. Temere to fear, are conjugated as follows: Indicative. Perfect : — Cred-éi or -étti, -ésti, -é or -ètte, -èmmo, -éste, -érono or -éttero.

The first volume is an abridgment of the author's quarto dictionary published in igij and the second an expansion of the English-Italian vocabulary appended thereto.

It is hoped that the work now presented, together with the companion volume shortly to be issued, may satisfy the reasonable requirements of a student. The words Bet and Bait or Bread and Braid are examples of the open and close sounds of an E. A dot is used to indicate these ; a dotted s is soft as in Ease, and a dotted i as in Breeze ; the undotted z has the sound of ts.

Accògliere or Accòrre to welcome ; accòlgo, accòg U, accòglie, accogliamo or accolghiàmo, accoghéte, accòlgono. accòlsi, accogliesti, accòlse, accogliemmo, accog Ucste, accòlsero.

Acquisire to acquire ; only used in the compound tenses ; ho acquisito, avrò acquisito ecc.

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