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The main screen for the Floodlight Cam in the Ring app offers easy toggles for the lights and motion alerts, as well as large buttons to access a live video feed from the camera or to sound the loud, 110-db siren to scare off potential thieves and draw attention to the house.

Underneath, you'll find a paginated series of large buttons for accessing various settings, led by an Event History log showing basically the same log of alerts and events as on the home screen, but limited to the events associated with that specific device.

The Floodlight Cam began shipping in April, and I've been using one for about six weeks to monitor the rear of my house.

It's a handy product that lets you keep tabs on movement around your home, with push notifications, live and recorded camera views, and the ability to use two-way talk and a siren to communicate with people approaching your home.

After sliding the body of the Floodlight Cam over mounting posts on the bracket, two small cap nuts are used to secure everything and offer a finished look to the installation.

The instructions describe using the handle of the included screwdriver to tighten the cap nuts, but I found it didn't serve the purpose very well as the recessed design of the mounting post area didn't allow the screwdriver to fit in very well around the cap nut.

The list can be filtered to show only motion events, only live views, rings (if you have a Ring doorbell device) or only starred events that you previously selected to be saved.

A foam gasket on the mounting bracket helps to seal things up, although I did find it a bit tricky to secure the body to the mounting bracket.The Ring i OS app walks you through the installation process step-by-step, including videos for many of the steps.The first step is of course to turn off power to the circuit where you're going to be working, and then remove any existing light fixture at the location.The Ring app offers a simple home screen that displays each of your Ring devices for easy access, as well as a list of all events like recent instances of motion being detected (answered or not) and manually initiated live views.With an active Ring Protect subscription, you can access all of the video recordings from these events.

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