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Follow this until you reach the creek, then turn left (downstream).Soon you will see a sign painted on a rock saying "nudist area next one mile".Quite a few people have been injured and killed trying to climb up the loose shale walls of the gorge. 21 south for about 3.3 miles and then turn left onto Ogden Road.Almost every year the local fire departments are called out to rescue people who are stuck too.(Imagine how embarrassing that would be!! Come visit & have fun, but stick to the paths or the floor of the gorge ." Hike from Taylor Road through scenic gorge to traditionally nudist area. After crossing a bridge, turn left at the first street, Chestnut Street (county road 21). Follow Ogden road 1.5 miles and then turn left onto Taylor Road (a gravel road).LAT, LON [DRIVE TO]: lat=42.23976, lon=-79.58730(source: measured) (accuracy:approximate) LINK TO GOOGLE MAP . Turn right onto Green County RT 67A (Darby's Irish Pub on corner/ blinking light) and park (room for 1 - 2 cars on shoulder).

The other is called the man rope because it is very dangerous and you need to know how to use the rope and body to avoid rocks.Turn right on RT 28N for about 9.5 miles to a few miles past Minerva (past Murdie's General Store) then go west (left) on Northwoods Club Rd.. Updated 12/10/2002 Swimming place with sand beach and popular picnic place on Cedar River. Signs say "NO SWIMMING" in stream in gorge above falls, but there is evidence that some do swim there.Follow this road about 6 miles to Huntley Pond and the trailhead on the left. LAT, LON lat=43.79286, lon=-74.28958(source: De Lorme) (accuracy:exact) LINK TO GOOGLE MAP. From Albany, take I-90 west to Exit 29 (Canajoharie).I am a police officer in the Village of Canajoharie, New York. This area is posted as TRESPASS and numerous individuals have been arrested there so far this year [2012].There is NO swimming in the Canajoharie Gorge at all..." This is in Floral Park.

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