Caused by weblogic.jms.common.jmsexception no failover destination Freelivechatwithhotgirls

Web Logic JMS clustering is built on top of the basic Web Logic Server clustering mechanisms.It provides a JMS application with the features you would expect from a clustered messaging infrastructure.In this section, we will take a detailed look at the Web Logic JMS provider implementation.

For JMS applications that use all servers in the cluster, deploy your connection factories to all servers in the cluster.For example, the client s JMS connection is talking with event for any affected consumers.At this point, the JMS consumers for destinations not on the failed server are okay, the JMS session is okay, and the JMS connection is okay.For server-side applications, Web Logic JMS avoids extra network traffic by processing connection requests locally wherever possible.If the connection factory is not deployed locally, then the server-side application will connect to one of the servers where the connection factory exists.

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