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I got on FB before anything was going on..took a couple-3 yrs for it to grow to the network it has become...g-plus could do the same.

I've been trying it ...I don't think I like it either. The company said all users will see a pop-up when they make the change.

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So I got into the field trials for google plus and so far I'm not liking it as much as facebook. A lot of people think it will replace facebook kind of like facebook replaced Myspace.

I noticed it doesn't have an inbox for private messaging. is being criticised for the new Ts & Cs for its webmail service, which give it the right to scan your emails as well as making you responsible for telling anyone who might be emailing you, but the ICO has no problem with the changes. Yahoo told PC Advisor that anyone who didn't like the changes should simply keep using their old account. did say it would continue to scan old-school accounts for spam.

I have no desire to be on 'chat' and have shut the feature off on FB..I don't want to be in a place that only allows messaging to be thru a chat feature. Such scanning has been common for some time; Google was the first to scan all messages. on the basis that it did not carry out such snooping. suggests it is the users' job to warn anyone who emails them that their messages will also be scanned. 's in-house lawyer Georgina Nelson said: "The obligation to notify those who email you that their message will be scanned is nonsensical and unrealistic. An ICO spokeswoman said: “We’ve spoken to Yahoo about their email scanning feature.

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Personally the only thing I care about with google is their search engine and that's it so I'm positive I won't be using it. It really makes me wonder if my comcast email account is even safe. (Terms and Conditions) People read those things almost as often as they read EULAs.Also, as someone previously said...takes forever to upload a photo. You DID know that Google reads all your email didn't you? As with any business or organisation that changes the way its customer data is used, Yahoo has an obligation to be upfront with their users to make sure their information is being processed fairly.Although, with all the ridiculous changes FB is making.... Yahoo just started, but Google's been doing it for years, which is why I use real email, rathe than web based service, and pgp. This includes making sure they have clear and accessible privacy notices which will allow users to make informed decisions in relation to privacy and other aspects of the service.”®I checked it out and I would have to say I enjoy facebook more.(End User License Agreement)Exhibit A: Honestly now, how many peoplereading this post, ACTUALLY READ the entire POF T&C before filling out your registration? Honestly now, how many people do read those things.They are all basically the same thing so if you read one you have read them all.

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