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If everything except the last two went peachy and you followed these directions correctly, then proceed to the text below.

Now, we must run Net Book Installer (NBI) and from the drop down select: Macintosh HD (Install Upgrade). Once it's done, you can go back to the combo update, and click Restart. Your Wi-FI, resolution (no QE/CI yet…), and trackpad should work.

Sound works too if you go to System Preferences-Voodoo HDA and slide the two bars to the far right. I am very busy with college, so please don't expect much more than this guide.

Same with the trackpad - with enabling two finger scrolling. I will if I have time improve upon it and add images, but maybe you guys could help with that and improve upon the process.

Inside it, put: Apple Combo Update 10.6.4, IO80211Family.kext, and THEHAWKs version of Net Book Installer (NBI).3) Open Netbook Boot Maker0.8.4and select your USB stick from the drop down and let the process finish. Insert the USB Pen-drive, then start up the 1015PX. From inside BIOS, proceed to the BOOT tab at the top, change the boot order for the two below options to prioritize your USB stick over your internal hard drive.

Once the changes are made, hit F10 to save and quit.5) The device should restart, immediately tap the ESC key several times to force the boot from device manager to appear. At this point you should see an Apple logo and should proceed to the choose a language screen. Then i Atkos installation prompt will be the only window open.

Some steps might be redundant, but ultimately it works in the end! You now need to install the IO80211that allows your Wi-Fi to work.

Locate the USB stick i Atkos, copy the Other Installs folder to the desktop to copy them to the drive. This part is pretty intensive, try to follow it the best you can.

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OS X should begin loading.11) Now plug in your USB mouse, the track pad will not work, but ironically the keyboard does!

)Mild issues* Sometimes kernel panics on startup, but can be resolved by powering down and attempting a second reboot into OS X(if an item of interest hasn't been listed, then it most likely hasn't been tested, but feel free to ask anyways)Requirements:* An Asus Eee PC 1015px (it's possible this guide works for other pine trail CPU models, but has not been tested by me)* An 8GB USB Pen-drive* A working Hackintosh, or a Mac to ready the USB stick!

* An external USB mouse* i Atkos S3v2 (modded OS and also used to install Chameleon boot loader, especially useful for dual partition Windows/OS X)* Apple Combo Update 10.6.4 (resolves issues with the trackpad among others)* Roughly two hours of your time Included Software (see attachment)* THEHAWKs version of Net Book Installer (NBI) that doesn't hang at building the file (the official one from the website never completes, which is a problem)* IOS802.11(a version that's compatible with AR9285 - Atheros chipset notorious for not working with OS X!

Remember, all props go to the OSx86 community, I just took their magic and made it work for this computer.

Special thanks to THEHAWKs for his working Net Book Installer and files, and patttypatttyooo on youtube () for giving me a good starting place.

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