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We have seen it plenty of times in all forms of media.

The bad guys are cartoonishly evil, and sadly paper thin.

Relative newcomer, Aussie Sam Worthington provides a solid human heart amongst all the science-fiction/fantasy beauty and Zoe Saldana gives an impressive performance as the 8 foot tall Na'vi, Neytiri.

Even though the characters they both play are blue, giant, catlike aliens, they managed to evoke a chemistry and likability that pierces through the special effects. The story is basic and dare I say, clichéd and predictable.

On May 27th, 2017, the long anticipated Pandora: World of Avatar opened at Disney's Animal Kingdom to good reviews and large crowds.

James Cameron has openly confirmed that he is seriously looking into shooting the film in higher frame rate which, as he stated, takes the glass out of the window to reality.

Possible frame rates of interest are 48fps or even 60fps.

This makes for a total of ten to the 16th, or ten quadrillion, connections. See more » As hometree begins to topple, the long, straight vines hanging from its branches are shown to remain hanging straight down, as a heavy pendulum would. hospital with a big hole blown through the middle of my life, I started having these dreams of flying. Whether it will pay off monetarily is a question only time can answer, but this viewer can at the very least attest to it being an artistic triumph.

But the lightweight vines should be pulled upward, and appear to swing back as they drag in the air behind the moving treetop. Avatar brings us as close as cinema ever has to actually visiting an alien world.

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