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This paper is not aimed at offering an entirely new conception of Dugin and his political views, though it will, hopefully, contribute to a scholarly vision of this political figure as a carrying agent of fascist Weltanschauung.

Many commentators have noted the eclecticism of Dugin's ideology, which is seen as a combination of contradictory ideas and conflicting attitudes.

This interpretation of the concept of palingenesis is the basis of the current analysis, intended to highlight certain palingenetic moments within Dugin's doctrine to be added to the larger palingenetic myth or thrust inherent in Dugin's fascism.

In order to explain the nature of this aggregation, and thus show the logic behind the combination and re-combination of seemingly contradictory ideas, we shall require three auxiliary theoretical concepts, which are thoroughly explained in Griffin's latest major book, Modernism and Fascism.

Dugin's writings have become objects of thorough analysis and attentive dissection, if not deconstruction.

Numerous studies reveal Dugin - with different degrees of academic cogency - as a champion of fascist and ultranationalist ideas, a geopolitician, an 'integral Traditionalist', or a specialist in the history of religions.

This scholarly attention seems justified due to the role that Dugin currently plays in the socio-political life of the Russian Federation.

He came into mainstream political prominence in early 1999, when he was appointed a special advisor to the contemporary Duma speaker, Gennady Seleznev.

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This fictional story, narrated by the brilliant Jorge Luis Borges, ended in disappointment for the unaccomplished pupil, as Paracelsus refused both to accept Grisebach's lifelong service and to show him magic tricks.He defines the latter as 'a genus of political ideology whose mythic core in its various permutations is a palingenetic form of populist ultra-nationalism'.It might be worth noting that there is nothing inherently fascist in the palingenetic myth as such.Two concepts, liminality and liminoidality, originate from the anthropological theories of Arnold van Gennep as refined by Victor Turner and Maurice Bloch.According to those authors, every change in the social status of a person is accompanied by a rite of passage that consists of three distinct phases: (1) separation, i.e.

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