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Some Latter-day Saints have heard that the LDS temple ceremony may have some similarities with Masonry and the reason is that the Masons learned of the temple ceremony from building Solomon's temple during Old Testament times but over the millennia the original ceremony became corrupted. Kimball stated "We have the true Masonry" (see complete quote in following section).Many devout Mormons know that Joseph Smith, Brigham Young and many other early leaders of the Church were Masons.Richard Packham and Sandra Tanner are two of the most knowledgeable people we know about the LDS Temple ceremony. From Richard Packam's site: Even non-Mormons sometimes object to articles such as the one you are now reading, since such articles reveal Mormons' religious secrets to a curious - and perhaps unworthy and even mocking - world.Many people, not only devout Mormons, feel that it is wrong to do this.Complete, accurate scripts as well as video footage is readily available on the Internet, however we give our own opinions regarding these ceremonies.The websites used primarily for the critics arguments are Similarities Between the Freemasonry of the 1830s and the Mormon Endowment (pre-1940) by Richard Packham, Ephesians - Secret Masonic Handshakes, Passwords, Grips and Signs of Blue Lodge Masonry, Mason/Endowment Comparison (archived page) and the Temple Endowments Ceremony.

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Also, the section was restored in order to be fair to the critics who claim that the problems with the temple ceremony and Masonic rituals are some of the strongest evidences against Mormonism—even if the Church is reluctant to discuss the topic.

Eternal families The Second Anointing Temple ceremony video Responses by the LDS Church Critics' summary Editor's comments Links The temple ceremony is one of the most important ancient ordinances restored by Joseph Smith.

The washing, anointing and endowment ceremonies are necessary ordinances for exaltation.

As to the second objection, the validity and binding nature of an oath or any promise depends, both legally and morally, upon the validity of the mutually accepted facts underlying the demanding and the giving of the oath.

The oath of secrecy given by a Mormon in the temple is based on the assurance and sacred promise by the church that the oath is required by God, and that the secrets one will receive are given by God.

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