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He coincidentally is shown shooting the Cheri/Diane/Bob footage, where Bob is handling second camera before joining in the action.

Elsewhere the documentary seems credible, including interviews with various gay activists and an assortment of generally square men and women "on the street" (in L. With much waving of the American Flag, an opening shot of the Statue of Liberty, and cornball pronouncements contrasting the readily available travelogues showing animals being killed vs.

suppression of explicit sex films (and a dollop of Vietnam War thrown in), ASR fails as propaganda, but covers its porn topic better than the most fake docus of the era.

The film makes the crucial point that the real sea change occurred when porn, notably still photos or erotic art, switched from strictly underground/illicit distribution to more widespread availability.

It is an honest and raw depiction of this casual sex environment where sexual violation has become normal.

Liberated widens the view of today's hookup culture by examining the role of pop-culture in shaping conceptions of gender and sexuality that underlie this new sexual revolution.

43rd St., American SEXUAL REVOLUTION has unintended nostalgia value as a time capsule.

A person may have a desire for sex, but not have the opportunity to act on that desire, or may on personal, moral or religious reasons refrain from acting on the urge.

The live action is tamer, but well-photographed XXX porn.

A couple of poor-condition '20s stag films are included for historical interest: "The Shiek" (rather ludicrously claimed to have been shot by the same crew with the same sets of the Valentino hit) and "How to Land a Job".

A look at the sexual revolution then occurring in the U.

S., focusing on the explosion in X-rated films and magazines.

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