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It is flanked by rundown brick buildings and a gritty car repair station. They swarm to Stadium’s happy hour — for unlimited drinks from 6 to 9 p.m.Rough gravel replaces sidewalks, and the street is largely deserted. — but you can also find them any night of the week."The bottom line" here, says Andrew Swift at , is that "the Swedish tax authority has apparently never heard of the phrase 'not safe for work.'" Canada has a stripper shortage So few Canadian girls are willing to strip that Ontario strip-club owners were forced to hire legal consultants in 2008 to find a way for get foreigners to staff their clubs.Until 2004, the Canadian authorities would give foreign women visas allowing them to strip in the country — but a crackdown prompted a widespread stripper shortage that continues to this day."The government's putting a real squeeze on the industry," said Tim Lambrinos, of the Adult Entertainment Association of Canada.

But, then again, maybe "a stripper who feels sexy gives a more tip-worthy lap dance than one who feels uncomfortable during her period," said Sharon Begley at . "I congratulate the women who make more money than I do out of a job they say they enjoy," says Katy Guest at the .

But that doesn't mean I don't "viscerally object to lap dancing." ...

and are quite happy with their jobs According to the same study, strippers reported very high levels of job satisfaction.

"To see this photo of me before and after motivates me to carry on working hard every day.

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