Too busy for online dating

I had my druggy period between 19, and you know what?

I felt like s*** all the time.’Life changed radically for Kimberly after she fell pregnant by actor Benicio Del Toro. She has not worked — other than appearing with brother Sean in a short-lived reality TV show — and been raising daughter Delilah who was born in October 2011.

Rod sighed: ‘I’ve never told my kids what they can and can’t do, who they can and can’t see.

But I tell them I had my own bad times and I get it.

In her youth she was a socialite and pals with Paris Hilton, in LA’s party-hard scene.

She dabbled in modelling, launched a clothing label, dated the odd inappropriate rocker and got an embarrassing tattoo.

She’s the type who thinks money should be thrown at them.

And I believe they have to work for a living.’She used to live with the other grown-up children in the guest house in LA, but now lives in a home in Beverly Hills bought by Rod which she used to share with half-sister Ruby.

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She was five when her parents broke up and Rod was rarely around when she was growing up.

Six out the eight were there, making the old rocker glow with pride. Her mother, Susannah Boffey, was an art student girlfriend of Rod’s and he was only 17 when she got pregnant.

Rocker Rod Stewart, 72, is now a doting dad to all eight of his children, according to wife Penny Lancaster, but the singer did not even acknowledge his first child for 18 years... (Pictured: Rod with bearded son Liam, and his youngest boys Aiden, left and Alastair)‘It’s the best, proudest feeling to look at your kids,’ he says. Sarah was put up for adoption and only learned about Rod when she was 18.

A chip off the old block, for the past year he has been dating a blonde, busty Playboy model Daisy Lea.

Nowadays Sean and Rod are close, and share a love of football and shopping.

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