Updating roland w 30 rom

But there was a large hole in the middle and, in 1986, Roland plugged it with not one, but three 12-bit samplers: the S50, the S10, and a modular version of the S10, the MKS100.The S50 was the 'pro' instrument, and featured a number of innovations such as 96d B-per-octave anti-aliasing filters and the type of graphical operating system previously associated only with instruments that boasted external processing units, QWERTY keyboards and computer displays.However, Roland's first digital keyboards were not synthesizers; they were samplers and pianos.The GK1 pickup and GM70 converter unit combination freed MIDI-savvy guitarists from having to use Roland's guitar synths for the first time, allowing users to connect and trigger any MIDI module from their guitars.It was not only more limited than its big brother — which, given their respective price-points, is hardly surprising — but it felt as if it had been designed and programmed by a different company.It also sported non-standard 2.8-inch 'Quick Discs', a horrible experiment in low-cost drives that were excruciatingly slow and of much more limited storage capacity.

These were the MKS50, an enhanced Alpha Juno 2 in a 1U rackmount module, and the HS10 and HS80, repackaged Juno 1s and Juno 2s with built-in amplifiers and speakers.All of this was good stuff, but none of it was going to take the world by storm.Fortunately, something far more significant was happening elsewhere: this was the year that the company went truly digital.The S50 should have been a winner, and the speed and elegance of its operating system should have ensured that it became the industry standard.Unfortunately, Roland had come to the market just a little too late.

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