Updating web browser on samsung smart tv simpsons smart and smarter online dating

According to some threads on Internet my wifi module is shot.

However, TV still runs rubbish when lan hard wired to TV.

After doing everything suggested on the many threads about similar problems, including a factory reset, eventually we got it fixed. Now, it cycles through the same BS every single time it's turned on.

But yes, it seems to completely reinstall the entire smarthub update and who knows what else, every...single..the TV is turned on.

My TV does the same, it seems to be a Smart Hub bug. My TV is out of warranty and it costs 0 for repair rep to come in and asses.

Samsung should be doing it for free because it is their software issue, they are selling us TVs for thousand of $$$ that are bad! If your wireless is having problems and resulting in freezing or constant smart hub updates. Simply pop the small plastic cover off the back (mine was in the lower right just above the power button, when looking at the back of tv). It takes only light pressure with a flat head or strong finger to pop off.

I rang Samsung, and did a factory reset (turn TV off, then press info, menu, mute, power) starting from scratch and the wifi connected but by the time I was setting satellite channels it couldn't find it again. I have been dealing with my issue for a few weeks now's.

But If you don't need wireless just pull the cable and rock and roll. My Samsung suffered from the horrible firmware problem reported for months and months now.

We turn the TV off and on to see if it will help, but alas, the same thing happens again.

I'm curious to know if anyone else is suffering from this same malfunction? My Samsung suffered from the horrible firmware problem reported for months and months now.

No reason to update except to see if anything new or better. Sometimes if I turn off the TV it will seem like its off but will turn itself back on after a couple of minutes.

Now I'm starting to use the smarthub and it seems to update everyday.

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