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The other night, my roommate inadvertently reset one of the cameras to default running the new V1.1 firmware.

When I brought it back over ethernet and configured it to connect to Wi Fi, I noticed the configuration screen had changed, subtly: The fields had changed.

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You can then store the JPG snapshot on a PC, then run a web server and vera can then "fetch" the image from the PC instead of the camera." This camera does not give an IP address out of the box.Video and audio also stream over RTSP, which can be customized through the camera's web interface.An inexpensive IP camera that is very feature rich, has good image quality, night vision capabilities, motion detection, two-way audio, video streaming over TCP, UDP, or HTTP, and other configurable features.Amazingly, Linksys doesn’t keep a nice repo around (or, at least I couldn’t find one, perhaps there’s an FTP dump somewhere).I found the old 1.00 R24 build here, and for backup’s sake, here‘s a version I’ll host and keep around forever.

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