Youtube updating favorites problems

Opening your inbox feels like you’re being transported back to 2008.

It looks incredibly out of place with the rest of the web.

Gorgias Templates: Gorgias Templates uses a broadly similar principle, but you’ll need to install it from the Google Web Store.

Once it’s up and running, just click the add-on’s icon in the email composition window to set up your signatures.

Sort by Sender: If you want to find emails from someone, type from:[sender’s name] in the Gmail search box. It’ll sort any emails on the current page by sender.

If you’re running Chrome, go to your Gmail inbox, press F12 to activate Developer Tools, then paste the following code into the box. For those of us who use lots of keyboard shortcuts to streamline our workflow There are many keyboard shortcuts you aren't using.

Okay, so you’ve successfully used either Canned Responses or Gorgias Templates, and you now have a shiny set of signature templates, ready for the world to see. Google has decided to hide them behind three tiny dots at the bottom of your email window.

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Alas, if this issue has been annoying you, don’t worry. Canned Responses: A lot of users turn to Canned Responses. You can turn it on by heading to Gear Labs and clicking the Enable button alongside the feature’s name.The bottom line is that Gmail lacks a way to sort your messages with a single click.There are several workarounds, depending what metric you want to sort by. Along with Outlook and Yahoo, it forms part of a triumvirate of services that control more than 90 percent of the planet’s email market.However, for an app with more than a billion active monthly users, it can be surprisingly annoying.

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